Harley Davidson Annual Report

  • Harley Davidson Annual Report
  • Harley Davidson Annual Report
  • Harley Davidson Annual Report

The 100th aniversary annual report for Harley Davidson. Page text flowed along curved baselines that expaned in spacing to reflect the continued growth of the company over its entire history.

The Brief:<

Harley Davidson is releasing a new motorcycle model that will usher in the next generation of style. This year's annual report will introduce stock holder to the product line.

The Concept:<

Harley's performance as a company has been outstanding with continual, mainly double digit growth, since shares were sold. To suggest the concepts of growth and expansion, the page text flows along a curved baseline that increases in line spacing as it flows to the right.

The Solution:<

The style change in bikes is reflected with a style change in the report. To accentuate the 'new' I decided to add another dimension to the previous 2D reports by making the charts and graphs 3D. The photographs were reduced to black and white, and the contrast adjusted, to emphasize the gleaming chrome work on all the bikes. The subject of the photographs was also a diversion from the norm. Harley make a great deal of money from customization through accessories so the photos were chosen to show the possible upgrades.