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Energy Arts CMS Web Site

A Content Management web site based on Joomla v1.0. Functionality features an ecommerce store, automated content summary pages, FAQs, glossary with inline content highlighting, directory information, and event listings.

SharedWisdom CMS Web Site

A fully content managed web site with predefined templates for numerous content types including; Blogs, Amazon products, Events, and Subscription based access to content. Any user with sufficient priviledges can easily add and edit content without any HTML knowledge using online forms, with WYSIWYG editors, that automatically format pages for visual aesthetics and Search Engine Optimization. 

L2 Solutions In Reach Designers Guide

A software instruction manual for the "In Reach" product by L2 Solutions that delivers end to end, web based, variable data marketing material creation and management. The set includes; the manual, a Quick Start tear off pamphlet on the inside front cover, and the software CD in a pocket on the inside back cover.

Garden Club - Oregano Herb Self Mailer

Promotional self mailer used to encourage Garden Club of America members to grow their own herbs for use in cooking. At first glance it appears to be an invitation to a dinner party, but upon closer inspection, it reveals a tear off herb seed packet (with growing instructions), and a receipe card to use the herb with.

Xerox Sales Tools Multilingual Catalog

A dynamically generated, multi-lingual, and cost effective catalog of orderable sales marketing materials for Xerox vertical sales groups. The content was merged from a database using custom templates that allowed for varying content length due to language transaltions. It was published annually, and thanks to the automation, it was ready for printing within 3 days.