Installing drupal Shipwire modules

Three modules currently exist to integrate drupal and shipwire.

Drush installation method<

If you have drush installed then simply execute the following commands in your shell prompt from within the drupal install folder. Drush will automatically check dependencies and download the Shipwire API module.

For Commerce<

drush dl shipwire_commerce
drush en shipwire_commerce -y

For Ubercart<

drush dl shipwire_ubercart
drush en shipwire_ubercart -y

Drupal UI method<

If your drupal site is setup to install modules via FTP then you can use the administration interface to install new modules.

  • Navigate to the Shipwire API module page< and find the latest recommended module at the bottom of the page.
  • Right click on the recommended link ending with 'tar.gz' and select 'Copy link location'
  • Navigate to your module administration page: Home -> Administration -> Modules
  • Click '+ Install new module' at the top of the page
  • Right click over the in the 'Install from a URL' text field and select 'Paste'
  • Click the 'Install 'button.
  • Repeat the process for one of the Shipwire Commerce< or Shipwire Ubercart< modules.
  • Navigate to Home -> Administration -> Modules again and enable the modules.

Manual method and more info<

The manual upload and extraction method should only be performed by someone who has web administration knowledge. To find out more detailed information on installing modules please look at the Installing modules (Drupal 7) documentation<.

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