3D Modeling

When reality is not enough

3D Modelling has progressed to the point where it can be indistinguishable and sometimes better than the real thing. As technology has improved, the cost of producing 3D content has become more affordable, making it a viable alterantive to real world production. Coda provides in-house model creation, texture application, animation, and rendering to turn your ideas into 3D reality.

Conceptual reality<

So you have a great idea but its too difficult or costly to make it a reality. Sometimes it's more effective to explore an idea vitrually before investing in it physically. Let our 3D wizards conjure up the photo realistic images to convey your idea. Coda builds 3D models to actually size to assure accurate representation and for possible later reuse in physical production.

Added Dimension<

Need to make your content pop. Add the third dimesion for instant added impact. We are all accustomed to experiencing the world in 3D so 2D graphics often lack visual impact. You may notice this web site utilizes 3D graphics for all project displays. Even 2D screenshots of web sites are enhanced when they are displayed on a 3D LCD screen.