SharedWisdom CMS Web Site

  • SharedWisdom CMS Web Site
  • SharedWisdom CMS Web Site
  • SharedWisdom CMS Web Site
  • SharedWisdom CMS Web Site
  • SharedWisdom CMS Web Site
  • SharedWisdom CMS Web Site

A fully content managed web site with predefined templates for numerous content types including; Blogs, Amazon products, Events, and Subscription based access to content. Any user with sufficient priviledges can easily add and edit content without any HTML knowledge using online forms, with WYSIWYG editors, that automatically format pages for visual aesthetics and Search Engine Optimization. 

The Brief:<

The old SharedWisdom site was developed a long time ago. The visual design is dated and needs to be modernized. The new visual style should incorporate Hank's paintings together with Hawaiian and Shamanic imagery. Overall the style should be modernized and appear more like a media site.

The old site is also static HTML pages that require designer support whenever anything needs to be added or edited. We would like to have web site that can be managed and edited by us without the need for a graphic designer to make the changes.

The Concept:<

The core visual style focuses on Hawaii's most notable assets; oceans, beaches, volcanic rocks, plants, and animal life. The background is a typical view of the ocean from one of Hawaii's beautiful beaches. It is stylized to mimic Hank's oil paintings and uses a border element from his art works. The main content area continues the Hawaiian theme with an ocean blue main menu, sand textured page background, and volcanic rock footer. 

The Solution:<

The web site is based on the Drupal CMS. This system provides non-technical people with the ability to easily and effectively add, edit, and manage online content. By utilizing custom built templates the site visually formats all user input into valid XHTML code. This implementation uses a wide variety of add on modules to extend the functionality to include:

  • Ecommerce store
  • Custom auto generated front page
  • Advanced auto generated summary pages
  • Multi User Blogs
  • WYSIWYG content editor
  • Media embedding 

SharedWisdom Home page<

This fully automatically generated page aggregates content, reformats it, and display it in a manner to effectively direct visitors to key area of the site. The content is either user selected or automatically chosen based on site statistics such as number of page views (popularity) or date of creation (most recent). 

The main banner image rotates through images and descriptions of the core areas of the site:

  • Welcome and About SharedWisdom
  • Online Store
  • Articles and Stories about SharedWisdom beliefs and experiences
  • Featured Events hosted by SharedWisdom
  • Spiritual Healing services
  • Online Subscription Membership

The four columns below the banner provide summaries of important content. Working from left to right, the first column lists featured products selected by the content editors. The second column lists five upcoming events listed chronologically with most recent appearing first. The third lists five of the most recent articles or storied added to the site. The last column helps to build a community by allowing users to signup for an email newsletter, browse recent blog posts, or connect with SharedWisdom on other social networking sites such as Facebook or YouTube. 

Amazon Product Listing<

The majority of SharedWisdom's products are already available for purchase through so there was no need to implement a local ecommerce store. These pages ask the content editor for the ASIN of the product and automatically generates the correct code "Buy Now" button code which leads the site visitor to correct product page. The code also passes affiliate information so that commision is earned on product sale referrals.

Multi User Blogs<

Each of the co-founders has their own Blog area in which they can share experiences and thoughts. The blogs feature a custom banner for each blog author and list the five most recent addition in a teaser view linked to the full text pages. 

This blog area uses automatically generated content blocks that aggregate blog specific data separately per blog author.  This includes listings of:

  • Most popular content items this week and overall
  • Favorite blog items selected by the blog author
  • Topic Keywords with teaser listing pages of blog items
  • Monthly archive listing of blog items