Brochure Design

Showcase your product or service with a high impact business brochure or booklet. Both are an excellent method of communicating detailed information and a primary low cost method of securing a sale. Coda’s information architects can make a brochure design that draws attention, disseminates information, and propagates your product sales.

Professional Brochure Layout<

Coda's professional brochure designers will analyze the information you wish to convey and design a brochure layout, that logically presents the information in a structured manner, using proven graphic design principles. Our marketing brochures quickly attract attention and use a structured brochure layout that progressively expands upon the concepts or selling points of your product or service. Brochure layout becomes even more important with more complex designs such as trifold brochures where pages must be unfolded to be viewed.

Trifold Brochure Design<

Trifold brochures are very popular because they are compact, low cost, and effective. Coda takes extra care in our trifold brochure designs to make sure that information is staggered appropriately across the visible panels. We have developed a trifold template layout that unfolds easily, has a good margin of error on fold position, and consistently folds flat using standard folding machinery. Coda oversees the entire brochure printing to ensure print and production quality so that your color brochure is vivid, eye catching, and conveys quality.