Encompassing a broad field of abilities, Coda Moda provides multi faceted services, no matter how varied your needs. We can help to build a brand identity, send out an advertising campaign, and set up an online presence to boost your exposure.

Brand Identity

Developing a brand identity can make or break a business. Multiple facets of appearance are instantly assessed and create a lastly imprint on the subconscious. Coda can help you with difficult corporate identity design decisions such as choosing a unique name, designing an effective logo, and maintaining your new brand identity.


Whether creating a short tag line, advertising material, or a full text article the choice of wording and thought structure can greatly influence your audience. With the ever increasing popularity of internet communication the need for properly organized textual information is even more important. Let Coda successfully, creatively, and persuasively convey your message with our professional writing.

Graphic Design

Coda can analyze your graphic design needs, create a strategic plan, and design material that initiates engaging communication with your audience. The purpose of all graphic design is good communication and that starts with an in depth conversation with us. Coda will help you to identify your graphic design goals, audience, and concepts. Using this information we analyze your unique situation together with market trends and available resources to generate a strategic plan of implementation. Coda's Graphic Design strategy focuses on form and function.

Information Management

Knowledge is power and Coda can leverage your knowledge, to enhance the experience of our design offerings, and deliver more effective targeted communication. We can integrate your existing digital assets and provide data manipulation to take advantage of the information. If you don't have an existing data store we can plan, implement, populate, and make use of a new data architecture.


User interaction adds another level of complexity to any design. Too often we see beautiful work that simply does not function because a user cannot interact with it effectively. Our in house design, user interface, and development knowledge works seamlessly to create engaging designs that are strengthened by eloquent user interaction.

Web Site Development

Coda's in-house web development services expand the possibilities of our graphic design offerings making them work for you. Our web programming knowledge can add user interaction, data integration, and advanced functionality. Standard graphic design provides a one way conversation between you and your audience. We can open up the conversation by incorporating interactive web design which typically better engages and retains viewer attention than static web design.