ADS Talent ROI Calculator

  • ADS Talent ROI Calculator
  • ADS Talent ROI Calculator
  • ADS Talent ROI Calculator
  • ADS Talent ROI Calculator

An online Return on Investement calculator, with instant graphical display of results, used to reinforce the value of services provided by ADS Talent. The calculator included simple to use, step by step, input of relevant data which is dynamically rendered using cross browser compatible JavaScript.

The Brief:<

Develop a web based Return on Investment (ROI) calculator and visually display the results so that potential customer can quickly and easy determine the cost saving benefits of using ADS Talent hiring services. The application should be compatible with current web browsers and provide instant display of results so that potential customers can easily alter data input to determine maximum cost saving benefits. The calculations are complex so the application should provide help text and mini calculators to ease the data input process.

The Concept:<

The core focus of the ADS Talent ROI calculator is to simplify the process of entering complex data values and provide instant results in a manner that can be easily understood by the potential customer. To accomplish this goal the calculator will be subdivided into three parts to ease with data input. It will employ an instantaneous visual graph that displays the relationship between the customers and ADS Talent's direct costs, for the number of positions to be filled, over a one year period. Together with marketing text, a display of projected savings, in dollars and as a percentage, will be used to convince the customer of the Return on Investment.

The Solution:<

To provide server compatibility, optimal performance, and instantaneous visual results the application will use JavaScript for data calculation and visual graph generation. The existing ADS Talent web site is static HTML and does not employ server side data processing so a Client Side application programmed in JavaScript makes the most sense. JavaScript is cross browser compatible and can quickly calculate the data using the customer's computer so the application will perform optimally under any work load. To save on development costs an existing graphing script was sourced and purchased to display instant visual results.

Instant Graphs<

Marketing text and a sample graph introduce the customer to the concept of Return on Investment and encourage the potential customer to use the calculator located in the left side column of the page. For complex data input values, such as the fully loaded rate for job recruitment personnel, a popup window with help text and mini calculator guide the potential customer and make the process as easy as possible.

Helpful Calculators<

The popup window instantly performs the calculations and updates the primary calculator with the resulting value. Once all values are entered the 'calculate' button triggers the instant update of the sample graph without the need for a page reload/refresh. The input form retains the last entered values and allows the potential customer to alter them and quickly update the graph.