ADS Talent

ADS Talent is a full service staffing firm assisting IT, Engineering, Accounting and Manufacturing companies to cost-effectively outsource critical staff positions, human resources and employee benefits. ADS helps clients focus on their core competencies to maintain and grow their bottom line while reducing risk exposure to the selection, hiring and administration of staff.

Staff management and benefits administration are among the most expensive aspects of any company’s operations. This is especially true for emerging and small business. Many companies can’t afford the services of a separate executive search firm, a staffing agency, and a benefits administration organization.

ADS Talent provides professional staffing services to developing, small and medium-sized businesses. There are three main aspects to their services:

  • Meeting the customer requirement by finding the right candidate, utilizing a comprehensive screening, profiling and hiring process
  • Manageing all aspects of the Human Resources function thus reducing customers' overhead and minimizing the hiring risk
  • Offering benefits to employees thus contributing to higher levels of employee retention and customer loyalty
  • Operating at attractive and competitive margins.


An online Return on Investement calculator, with instant graphical display of results, used to reinforce the value of services provided by ADS Talent. The calculator included simple to use, step by step, input of relevant data which is dynamically rendered using cross browser compatible JavaScript.