Spectrum of Consciousness Flyers

  • Spectrum of Consciousness Flyers
  • Spectrum of Consciousness Flyers
  • Spectrum of Consciousness Flyers
  • Spectrum of Consciousness Flyers
  • Spectrum of Consciousness Flyers

A collection of flyers used to advertise a series of "Spectrum of Consciousness" events held by Isedo Therapy that teach a method of personal awareness and goal oriented improvement.

The Brief:<

Isedo Therapy wishes to advertise a series of self help events that employ spiritual awareness blended with scientific concepts. We would like a series of flyer that will be posted on community event boards. The flyers must be eye catching, colorful, and informative. They will be printed in small quantities on a desktop printer using standard letter sized paper.

The Concept:<

Each of the events deals with complex concepts of personal improvement and scientific theories. The subject matter is truly unique and requires original illustrations to convey the concepts. The major personal and scientific concept are identified for each event and merged into original, striking, and insightful illustrations.

Part 1 - Where Physics Meets the Light<

This event deals with the scientific concepts of vibrating wave forms, how they combine into complex patterns, and how those complex wave forms can be analyzed using Fourier Transformations.  A series of sine wave were accurately generated using mathematical equations and overlaid to demonstrate how they combine to form complex patterns. A sense of fluidity and transformation is created by adding uneven distorted fills behind the plotted wave forms.  The rest of the background utilizes a flare effect and brownian patterns to convey the focal point at which the physics meets the light.

Part 2 - Theory of Strings and Multiple Realities<

The concepts in this event were very hard to visualize because they do not easily relate to ideas that most people know about (those without PhDs in Physics). Its not easy to generate a printed graphic illustration that express how multiple universes exist and interact. The design employs 3D undulating surfaces, rendered in a transparent grid form, which reveal the points at which the two surface are close to each other and could possibly interact. Another flare effect continues a consistent visual style and hints at the amount of energy released when the realities interact.  

Part 3 - Transformation of Thought Forms<

Now that vibrational wave forms and multiple realities were defined the third part of the series could explain how we could transform them to change a existing personal reality. The illustration demonstrates multiple steps of transformation between two opposing wave forms with the focal point of transformation highlighted with a flare effect.the illustration employs heavy use of diagonal elements to unbalance the visual appearance and generate a sense of transformational movement.

Spectrum of Consciousness: Weekend Workshop<

Due to popular demand the three part course is offered as a weekend workshop. This flyer had to combine all the major concepts in the three events.  The existing colored backgrounds are blended together to indicate the three part of the series.