Graphic Design

Form and function

Coda can analyze your graphic design needs, create a strategic plan, and design material that initiates engaging communication with your audience. The purpose of all graphic design is good communication and that starts with an in depth conversation with us. Coda will help you to identify your graphic design goals, audience, and concepts. Using this information we analyze your unique situation together with market trends and available resources to generate a strategic plan of implementation. Coda's Graphic Design strategy focuses on form and function. The visual appearance (form) and the purpose of communication (function) hold equal merit; one cannot succeed without the other. Coda balances both aspects to maximize the influence of the communication with your audience.

Continual exploration of new technologies allows us to offer graphic design services with extra value and possibilities. Coda utilizes a broad variety of traditional techniques together with the latest technology to create original, innovative, and effective designs. 

3D Modeling

3D Modelling has progressed to the point where it can be indistinguishable and sometimes better than the real thing. As technology has improved, the cost of producing 3D content has become more affordable, making it a viable alterantive to real world production. Coda provides in-house model creation, texture application, animation, and rendering to turn your ideas into 3D reality.


Originally, illustration was used to visually represent content because it was the easiest method to do so. With the advent of photography and high quality printing, illustration became less prevelant as hyper realism was embraced. Illustrations are still a valuable tool in distilling the subject matter and providing clear communication of descriptive and conceptual thoughts. 


Coda's philosophy on design always starts with an analysis of the content matter to determine the optimal priority of the content. We use this information to generate layouts that create a visual path, organizing content so that it can be easily accessed, and clearly understood.