Content Management Systems

Personalized Dynamic Data

Coda specializes in web development using Content Management Systems (CMS), which provide web site authoring and administrative tools, that do not require technical web programming knowledge to use. Anyone with word processing knowledge can use an online WYSIWYG Editor to easily add content to their CMS web site. A CMS makes your web site work for you. You don't have to pay a Graphic Designer to manage content on your site so long term costs diminish dramatically. Your dynamic web site can sell physical or digital content using an eCommerce store or subscription based services which automatically generate income. Many Content Management Systems can also serve and manage multilingual content for global corporate presence.  Coda recommends the use of a CMS for any web sites that have over 100 pages as initial development costs are offset  by content addition costs in the medium to long term. 

CMS Web Site Features<

Content Management Systems can provide limitless features and functionality. There are many types of CMS and most provide a wide variety of popular features. Coda actively promotes and uses Open Source Content Management Systems, such as Drupal or Joomla, that can be customized to extend the functionality to suit your needs.

Popular CMS Features<

  • Allow multiple users to contribute to and share online content
  • Control access to content using user account roles
  • Greatly simplify the addition, editing, and management of content 
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for duplicate content input
  • Improve communication between users

CMS Content Editing<

Content is entered using specialized web forms and is used across multiple automatically generated pages that display site navigation and browsing pages. The dynamic web site pages are automatically formatted using predefined templates which maintain a consistent, professional, and structured appearance. The content displayed can be personalized using access restrictions and preferences stored in user account profiles.

Advanced CMS Functionality<

Coda provide custom application development, utilizing existing CMS APIs, to meet all you web site requirements. Before developing a custom application we will analyze existing solutions that can fulfill your needs. The most popular applications of Advance CMS functionality include:

  • eCommerce online stores
  • Social Networking or Community Building web sites
  • Global Multilingual web sites
  • Subscription based restricted content web sites
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) web sites