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Garden Club - Oregano Herb Self Mailer

Promotional self mailer used to encourage Garden Club of America members to grow their own herbs for use in cooking. At first glance it appears to be an invitation to a dinner party, but upon closer inspection, it reveals a tear off herb seed packet (with growing instructions), and a receipe card to use the herb with.

Xerox Sales Tools Multilingual Catalog

A dynamically generated, multi-lingual, and cost effective catalog of orderable sales marketing materials for Xerox vertical sales groups. The content was merged from a database using custom templates that allowed for varying content length due to language transaltions. It was published annually, and thanks to the automation, it was ready for printing within 3 days. 

Isedo Therapy Identity

Brand identity for an alternative healing service. The brand name "Isedo Therapy" was created together with a company logomark to communicate the concept of therapy through personal balance.

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Identity Design

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is a multinational parent company of many successful companies.

Harley Davidson Annual Report

The 100th aniversary annual report for Harley Davidson. Page text flowed along curved baselines that expaned in spacing to reflect the continued growth of the company over its entire history.