Shipwire module configuration

The drupal Shipwire API module provides a number of configuration pages that can greatly influence the use and performance of your site. It is important to understand how these setting operate and interact. 

Shipwire account settings


The Shipwire module account settings page configures the login information, server selection, and response settings. Please follow the instructions for setting up accounts, especially when for using an API account for Production server and to understand how Server and Response settings interact.

Cache and Cron settings


To improve customer experience during checkout, site performance, and reduce API requests the Shipwire API module uses shipping rate caching and batch processing that is executed at set intervals. These setting can greatly influence the performance and checkout experience and may require alteration depending on the number of transactions your site processes.

Commerce settings


Almost all Commerce customization can be accomplished using the Rules module. This includes adding shipping rate padding, customer notifications of shipment tracking, and order status changes.

Misc Shipwire settings


The miscellaneous settings currently control information sharing and logging of information to aid in identifying problems. Most sites will not need to edit these settings unless advanced integration or problem resolution is required.

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